Dr Lindsey Fitzharris is a medical historian with a PhD from Oxford University. She is the author and creator of the popular website, The Chirurgeon's Apprentice, which is all about the horrors of pre-anaesthetic surgery. Lindsey has written for The Guardian, The Lancet, New Scientist, The Huffington Post & Medium; and has appeared on television for  Channel 4, BBC4 and National Geographic. 

Rebecca Rideal is the founder and editor of The History Vault, a free online history magazine launched in October 2013. She is also a specialist factual television producer whose credits include Bloody Tales of the Tower (National Geographic), Adventurer's Guide to Britain (ITV), and the triple Emmy award-winning series David Attenborough's First Life (BBC/Discovery).  She is set to start her PhD about the 'spaces' of Restoration London in 2014.

Adrian Teal is a caricaturist, illustrator & writer. As a kid, he was tutored at ITV's Spitting Image Workshop. He has cartooned for The Sunday Telegraph, Time Out, The Sun & The Daily Mail. He regularly cartoons for History Today and The Big Issue. In 2007, he produced a cover and wrote/illustrated historical spreads for the QI Annuals. This past year, he created The Gin Lane Gazette, a kind of Georgian Heat magazine which is a compendium of bawdy, scandalous, true news stories from a fictional 18th-century newspaper.